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The Raptor is my first, design. It's not for sale and I have no plans to build another one. having said that, it's 7'10" wide and 18' long. Seats 4 to 5 people and handles very nicely. The cockpit is set up like a car, with steering wheel, center console control levers, and foot pedal throttle. Now it only needs side view mirrors. Currently using a 12 hp lift engine and 3 cylinder Geo Metro thrust engine. Top speed "was" 53 mph, until I put the windshield, firewall, and engine cover on. Now it's about 35 mph. We cant have that, SO!!! she'll be getting a make over this winter, with a 16 hp lift engine and 80 hp Subaru EA81 thrust engine. The windshield will be angled more and the engine cover modified to allow air to pass through but still cover the engine. Imagine if you will, a rally style bar back there like a sports car. The side intake scoops will also be opened up and allow more lower airflow so with the new engine drive and prop set up, we should easily see 60+ mph.