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The Venom GT-S and GTX-S

The "S" version of the Venom GT and GTX has all the same specs, but has a sculpted "roadster" front end. Sculpting the "fender" look takes a lot more time but adds a distinctive style and aggressive look to the craft.

Venom GT-S -
Standard Equipped w/ tilt trailer

Venom GT-S prototype shown.

Note: Due to recent fuel prices, the prices and the effect it's having on suppliers, cost on all machines are subject to change at any time and without notice. Only customers with signed contracts and deposits paid will be honored.

Venom GT-S (2 - 3 seater)

Here the Venom GT-S shown in flight with custom graphics package. Standard Graphics are the Coffcraft logo, "Venom" name and cobra head logo's on the front and sides.
Venom GTX-S - $17,495.95
Standard Equipped w/ tilt trailer

The Venom GTX-S is a larger version. It is 7' x 15.5' with seating for 5.  It's payload is 1000 pounds with fuel and cargo. 4 blade prop shown is with a 48" duct. Standard is a 54" 2 blade prop. The 2 blade prop is a bit quieter as it spins a little slower.
Venom GTX-S (4 - 5 seater)