Venom GT
Venom GT-S
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The Venom GT Hovercraft.

Venom GT

The Venom GT is the 6.5' x 14' craft (2 to 3 person).
Standard Equipped w/ tilt trailer


Venom GT with "custom graphics" shown.


Venom GT (2 - 3 seater)

The standard Venom GT is set up
with a padded seat bench. Optional boat seats (shown) for added back support are available for up to 3 persons

Venom GT

Steering is set up with motorcycle style handle bars and twist grip throttle. Standard instruments are 2 digital tachometers, with built in hour meters and warning lights for oil pressure, water temperature, and charging system.

Optional full gauge package is available for the thrust engine.


The thrust engine is protected with a hinged Lexan cover to make visual inspections easy. The hinged cover makes engine access a breeze by unscrewing 2 thumb screws and raising the cover.


Ron Rowland takes delivery of the first Venom GT.